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There is immeasurable value in your voice and your story. Advocacy comes in many forms. How will you be the movement?

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Advocacy Leadership Program

Grassroots advocacy takes many forms. Our program is statewide so that together our voices are more powerful. We focus on the recovery issues that matter most to YOU. Teams are organized by interest. They range from; reintegration to harm reduction, mental health, and many more. To join one or more teams today please email:


We offer FREE virtual and in person training throughout the year. These topics include; Words Matter/ Evolving Language, Advocacy 101, Harm Reduction in Recovery, How a Bill Becomes a Law, and more. Check out our calendar to see what is coming up.


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Memorial Wall

We all know someone who was taken from this world too early by substances (opioids, alcohol, tobacco) and/or untreated mental health. You can honor your loved one on our memorial wall by sharing their story. For submissions please email:

Recovery Support Centers

Over the past decade Recovery Centers in  NJ have grown from just two counties to statewide coverage. There are many services and events offered at these centers. You can see a comprehensive list of them here.

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